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Nonexistent by Living Sacrifice

Original R.E.X. release: 7901422467
Original UPC: 092604003525

Produced by Psycho Boy
Executive Producers: Doug Mann & Gavin Morkel

Re-issued in 1999 by Solid State Records.


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Nonexistent ()

Having obtained eternal redemption
Unavoidable position to strengthen
Received the mercy, found the grace
Yielding unfailing love to embrace
Spiritual extraction from hindrance
Existing through Christ there is transformation
Reneval of the mind without condemnation
In accordance, committed soul
Foundation of power, a life undestructible
Abolished guilt, affection immovable
Nonexistent forgiven wickedness
Nonexistent sins remembered no more
Having obtained eternal redemption
Revewal of the mind without condemntation

Copyright 1992 Living Sacrifice

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