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Legend Part III:I by Saviour Machine


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Two Witnesses (3:44)

"Moses, my child I have watched over you
And you, Elijia I have heard your cries."

"The hour of redemption is upon you
The day of judgment comes
The gates to all of heaven are before you
My true anointed sons."

"Now, as your bodies lie in the street
The shroud of my witnesses
Called for the world to see."

"Rise, prophets rise; now, stand on your feet
Come to your father
Ascend in the clouds to me."

"Elijia, Moses, rise in my eyes
Elijia, Moses, my sons, come."

Copyright 2001 Saviour Machine

#1Twelve-Hundred-Sixty Days7:30
#2Revelation 136:11
#3Legend III:I
#4The Ancient Serpent1:30
#5Abomination Of Desolation4:42
#6Image Of The Beast5:21
#7Antichrist III: The King Of Babylon7:10
#8The Final Holocaust10:53
#9Two Witnesses3:44
#10Three Angels2:51
#11Four Trumpets4:49
#12The Locusts
#13The Sixth Judgement3:02
#14The Dead Sea9:52
#15Rivers Of Blood2:36
#16The Plague And The Darkness4:36
#17The Fall Of Babylon2:59
#18The End Of The Age
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