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Legend Part III:I by Saviour Machine


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The Fall Of Babylon (2:59)

"Come out of her, my people
Lest you share in her sins
Lest you receive of her plagues
Her sins reach the heavens
And God has remembered her name."

Babylon; she is fallen, Babylon the harlot
Babylon the great crawls on her knees
Cursed with disease and fate...

She has become the habitation of demons
A prison for every foul spirit
And a cage for every unclean bird...

For all nations have drunk of the wine
Of the wrath of her fornication
And the kings of the earth have raped her
And chained her in her desolation...

For she says in her heart
"I am queen, I am power."

And her plagues shall they come
In one day, in one hour...

"Burn; Babylon, burn."

"Your riches are corrupted
Your gold and silver are corroded
And their corrosion will be witness against you
And will eat your flesh like fire."

The angel took the stone
And threw it into the sea
Saying, "Thus with violence
Babylon shall be thrown down
And shall not be found anymore."

Copyright 2001 Saviour Machine

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