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Saviour Machine II by Saviour Machine

Re-issued on Massacre Records via MCM Music in 2004.
Massacre release: MAS CD0093
Massacre UPC: 4028466160935


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Aug 2, 2014 09:34:16 PM
WARNING-This is not music for those currently taking anti-depression medication.

I agree, do not put this on if you are in the mood to rock. Even though there are rockier moments, this is about Eric Clayton & band doing what they do best. Eric's signature hauntingly & heartfelt voice and much biblically symbolic lyrics set to symphonic goth rock and metal.

Wow, look at all the diverse reviews. Seems this is either a hate it or love it album. I loved it from the get go to the last track.

Ends with "do you see the light of the Saviour inside this machine?".

I appreciate this and Eric more with each listen.

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