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Unclean Plants / Ancient Path by Pantokrator

4-song demo


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Punish The Evil ()

Do you speak reighteousness you silent ones,
do you judge uprightly You sons on men?
No in your hearts you work wickedness
you weigh Out the violence
of your hands in the earth.
Their poison is like the poison of a serpent,
they are like a deaf cobra that stops its ear.
Brake out the teeth of there mouth o God!
Let them flow away as waters.
When he bends his bow,
may his arrows be cut in pieces.
The righteous shall rejoice
when he sees the vengance
he shall wash His feet
in the blood of the wicked,
so that men will say
"surely there is a reward for the righteous."

Copyright 1997 Pantokrator

#2Ancient Path
#3Punish The Evil
#4Unclean Plants
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