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Bride: The Lost Reels, Vol II (Compilation) by Bride

The Lost Reels II is a collection of songs that Bride recorded as demos that eventually made it on to albums. These are the first time these songs were recorded and some changed significantly from the demo version to the album version. Limited edition of 2,000 copies.

You have heard these songs before, but never this raw or in this format. Bride has always been bold enough to share their song writing process with their fans. This recording lets you in on the infant stages of Dove winning songs and radio #1's. A Bride song will go through many changes and transformations before being released on a recording. This is a first impresion project that shows the initial melodies, lyrics, and structures. All of the songs where recorded in a studio with many of them being recorded live. This rare assemblage of work will enhance any fan's CD collection.

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