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Bride: The Lost Reels, Vol I by Bride

The Lost Reels is collections of songs that Bride recorded as potential songs to go on albums. The songs that the record company chose not to use were put on this CD. There are 20 songs on this disc, 16 of which do not appear on any other Bride album, and 4 of which appear on "Drop". The members of Bride feel that some of these songs are actually the best they have ever written. This collection of songs were compiled from demos from 1990-1993. The members who played on the songs vary as does the method they were recorded. Some songs are recorded straight to DAT, and others are recoreded on a 32 track mixer. This is a rare CD to have since it is not sold in stores and Bride only printed 2000 copies of it.

This CD is a compilation of songs that was put together from previously recorded material that was never released. Most of these songs were submitted as possible tracks for Bride albums, but were not used. Over the years, Bride has had several different line-ups. The songs on this CD were recorded in four different sessions. The members of each session are listed with the groups of songs. Also, songs that were recorded live, straight to a Digital Audio Tape (DAT), are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Dale Thompson, Troy Thompson, Jerry McBroom, Rik Foley - recorded in 1993
01 How Long 3:45 *
02 Fine Line 4:15 *
03 Only Hurts When I Laugh 3:38 *
04 Lisa 3:48 *
05 Let The Son Shine 2:44 *
Dale Thompson, Troy Thompson, Jerry McBroom, Frank Partipilo - recorded in 1989
06 I Don't Get It 3:18
07 Hollywood 4:01
08 Sugar 2:47
09 I'm The Devil 4:32
Dale Thompson, Troy Thompson, Steve Gilbert, Frank Partipilo - recorded in 1988
10 Good Rock 'n' Roll 3:11
11 Dirty 3:02
12 18 3:03
Dale Thompson, Troy Thompson, Jerry McBroom, Rik Foley - recorded in 1992
13 Help 3:34 *
14 Could You Live In My World 3:41 *
15 Think About Our Future 5:01 *
16 Sleepy Southern Town 2:49
17 Pyramid 4:19
18 Echoes Of Mercy 3:02 *
19 I Miss Dancing With You 3:50 *
20 It's The Devil 4:15*


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