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Last of the Runaways by Giant

Guitar great Dann Huff's band, featuring Dann Huff: lead vocals, guitars; Alan Pasqua: keyboards & vocals; David Huff: drums & vocals; and Mike Brignardello: bass & vocals. Commerical sounding hard rock w/ great vocal harmony. A definate must have!

Dann Huff - lead vocals, guitars
Alan Pasqua - keyboards, vocals
Mike Brignardello - bass, vocals
David Huff - drums, vocals
___________________ ALBUM CREDITS:
Produced: Terry Thomas
Engineered: Rafe McKenna
Mixed: Rafe McKenna/Terry Thomas, Nigel Green/Terry Thomas 3, 4, 6
Mastered: Arnie Acosta
____________________ Chart Position:
USA 80
___________________ CHARTING SINGLES:
I'm A Believer USA 56
I ll See You In My Dreams USA 20
____________________ ADDITIONAL PLAYERS:
Lea Hart - backing vocals
Pete Howarth - backing vocals
Terry Thomas - backing vocals


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oldschooldoom CRfreak

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Aug 2, 2014 09:19:20 PM
What an excellent opener! Got my full attention!!

Every song could have been a radio hit. Tracks 3,7,8,9, & 11 could be considered Christian.
#1I'm a Believer5:44
#2Innocent Days5:16
#3I Can't Get Close Enough6:06
#4I'll See You in My Dreams4:46
#5No Way Out4:03
#6Shake Me Up4:16
#7It Takes Two4:58
#8Stranger to Me5:57
#9Hold Back the Night4:11
#10Love Welcome Home4:51
#11the Big Pitch5:07
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