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Film At Eleven by Scott Wenzel


Second solo project from lead vocalist of Whitecross
Guest appearances by Jamie Rowe & Tony Palacios of Guardian
Another legendary album produced by Caesar
4 pannel insert with credits and lyrics to all songs.
Sealed: Not a cut-out or punch-out. No holes drilled or saw marks in the jewel box or the inserts
The Players

Scott Wenzel: guitar, vocals
Tom Wanca: arrangements, keys, BGVs
Tony Palacios: guitars, co-lead vocals on He Is Amazing
Bam Bam Wagner: drums, percussion
Mark Robertson: bass
Jamie Rowe: Co-lead vocals on He Is Amazing
Bill Protine: additional guitar, lead on You're Mine
Caesar: additional guitar
Chris Papa: percussion
Pat Bergeson: harmonica
additional Background vocals: Keoni, John Cox, Beki Hemingway


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#1Film At Eleven
#2That's Not Enough
#3Rescue Me
#4He Is Amazing
#5Home In Heaven
#6Love Is More
#7Inside Out
#8Believe In You
#9You're Mine
#10I Will Follow You
#11Wings Of The Wind
has lyrics

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