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Blitz of Anguish by Fasedown


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Forward ()

Let the dead bury the dead
There can be no more wasting of time for me
Abandon the meaningless tasks
Kingdom of God the central commodity

Shed burdens, shed, let's go forward

Hate evil, cling to what is good
Not lacking zeal or spiritual fervor
Bless those who chose to persecute me
Retaliation means I'm loosing face
God's wrath is for his hand to lay
Stand back his vengeance cannot be swayed
Feed those I call my enemy
In this I heap the burning coals on his head

Shed burdens, shed, let's go forward

Shed burdens, shed, let's go forward

Accuser lays blame day and night
He was cast down all shrouded in blasphemy
Overcome by the blood of the Lamb
Not loving life so much as to shrink from death
Chin up now, nothing provokes me
A diligence to trample the scorpions
No pride in spirits submission
Simply rejoice in eternal ecstasy

Forward, forward, forward...go

Copyright 2005 Fasedown

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