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On Rock by Daniel Band

On Rock
Daniel Band
1982 - Lamb & Lion

Rene Brossard: Engineer
Peter Cosman: Songwriter, Drums
Daniel Band: Producer
Bill Findlay: Songwriter, Rhythm Guitar, Strings, Synthesizer, Background Vocals
Roger Heiss: Production Assistance, Mixed
Glenn Kaiser: Production Assistance
Dan McCabe: Songwriter, Bass, Keyboards, Lead Vocals
Tony Rossi: Songwriter, Electric Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Electric 12 String, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Lead Vocals
Wes Storms: Engineer
Mark Wright: Mixed


1. He's the Creator
2. I'm Sorry
3. You Don't Need the Blues
4. Free from Sin
5. Undercover Christian
6. Two Roads
7. Never Again
8. In the Sky
9. I Like to Rock
10. Spiritual Game
11. Somebody Loves You


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Jun 23, 2014 10:45:54 PM
These pioneers broke so much ground with this release. I never tire from listening to the songs:

Trk 1 dispels the evolution theory
Trk 2 "I'm sorry, but it's just not the same "when a Christian responds to the world comment of "Your missing out"
Trk 3 Christ offers hope, there is no need for despair
Trk 4 is a proclamation
Trk 5 about keeping your faith to yourself
Trk 6 casual sin and the casual Christian
Trk 7 their only song where the title doesn't appear in the lyrics. It's about never going through darkness.
Trk 8 about the second coming of Christ
Trk 9 Fun song. They enjoy sharing the plan of salvation through the rock medium
Trk 10 Larger scale meaning of track 5
Trk 11 For those that don't feel love as readily as others

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