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Running Out Of Time... by Daniel Band

Produced by Daniel Band and Mark Wright

The Band:
Matt DelDuca - drums
Dan McCabe - lead vocals, bass guitar, vocal harmonies
Bill Findlay - rhythm guitar, keyboards
Tony Rossi - lead guitar, rhythm guitar, lead vocal (track 8)


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oldschooldoom flywheels

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Apr 23, 2014 10:51:27 AM
This band hits the ground running with this release. Banging metal from the get-go. Their message is as equally hard hitting. My only complaint, 34 minutes. Time will fly by too fast. If you like this, then check out TRB (Toni Rossi Band).
#1Black or White
#2Sins of the Heart
#3 Hold On
#4Long Time
#5Party in Heaven
#6We Need Love
#7Greedy Little Hands
#8Things Are Changin'
#9Running Out of Time
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