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Shotgun Wedding (compilation) by Bride

Star Song Records is very well known in the industry as being the "Best of"-king. They recompile songs recorded by artists many years after they are off the label and re-release them in a variety of ways. "Shotgun Wedding" is Bride's second "Best of" from Star Song. It contains Bride's 11 #1 radio hits from their four albums with Star Song. Three of the tunes have been remixed in order to give Bride fans an incentive to purchase
the collection. Bride refused to record any new songs
for the album under the deal that Star Song submitted.

[Bride - Shotgun Wedding ... 11 #1 Hits & Mrs.]

With 11 #1 singles and Dove Awards for both Metal Recorded Song of the Year and Metal Album of the Year, Bride is without a doubt the top hard Rock band in Christian music. Their success is due to their thought-provoking lyrics, aggressive music, and Dale Thompson's powerful vocals. Compiled from the projects END OF THE AGE, KINETIC FAITH, SNAKES IN THE PLAYGROUND and SCARECROW MESSIAH, SHOTGUN WEDDING is a new collection containing these 11 #1 songs, including three monster industrial remixes from the hands of David Huff (member of recording artist Giant).

Star Song
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