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What A Joke by Deliverance

Re-released with "Stay of Execution" by KMG in 2000 as a 2-1 (both releases on one CD), with some songs excluded due to time restraint.

Remastered & re-released w/ new & original cover art, (2011) by Intense Millennium Records. Additional bonus track:

17. Strings of Sorrow (1:42)


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Aug 5, 2014 05:48:41 PM
I love this album, in fact I may be the only one who likes this more than “weapons”. Yes, there are some silly songs here, but they are so short, I usually don’t even skip them; if they bother you, skip them and enjoy the “real” songs. These songs are heavy and awesome. Choice tracks: Psuedo Intellectual, What a Joke, It’s the beat, Attack, and one of the best Sabbath covers ever in After Forever.
Jan 15, 2017 09:06:36 AM
I agree that this is the last "essential" Deliverance album for those who love their original speed/thrash direction. If you love the first 2 (Who doesn't?) , then this has more than enough merit to belong in your collection. The re-issue has a bonus track that is very short @ about 1:45 and it is a "string-y" ballad that actually was lifted from the hip-hop (BARF!) cd from 12th Tribe. Rumor has it that Jimmy has fully repented.. (Whew!!! ) Although it IS a sweet sounding ballad , it is one of the LEAST essential bonus tracks of the post-flood era...

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