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Released Upon the Earth by Vengeance Rising

Intense Records release: FLD9278
UPC: 02629792782

Roger Martinez: Vocals, Lead and Rhythm and Bass Guitar
Johnny Vasquez: Drums
Jamie Mitchell: Lead Guitar
Simon Dawg: Rhythm Guitar
"Manic" Joe Monsorb'nik: Bass

2 of the band members listed on this CD were fictional names:
Simon Dawg was actually Jimmy P. Brown II of Deliverance, and "Manic" Joe Monsobr'nik was Victor Macias of Tourniquet. The album was engineered by Pat Woehl, as well as George Ochoa (formerly of Delivernace).

Background vocals on "Tion", "Released" and "Bishop":
Gordon Martinez, David Fuentes, Jimmy Brown, David Vasquez, Victor Macias, Steve Rowe, Michael Kramer, David Portillo.


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Feb 15, 2014 11:23:35 PM
Mar 19, 2015 11:00:58 PM
Yet another VR album I have not listened to in it's entirety until fairly recent. 10 more VR tracks I have deprived myself from for far too long. There is is some excellent music here! The opening track gives promise of another smoking piece of metal ingot from VR. Just as heavy musically as previous releases yet less coherent vocally. Big name help to the likes of Jimmy P & Steve Rowe.
Dec 10, 2015 08:13:09 PM
Occupy... Occupy... Awesome growls.

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