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Return With A Vengeance (DVD) by Once Dead

A DVD capturing the reunion show of 4/5 of the original Vengeance Rising, along with new vocalist Scott Waters (Ultimatum).

The audio for this show was also released on CD as a bonus disc with the Intense Millennium re-issue of Vengeance Rising's Once Dead.


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Mar 13, 2015 11:05:23 PM
Well videographed show from summer of 2004 in Anaheim, Cal. Watching this makes me feel like I've been to a VR concert, well almost. This is the most coherent I've heard Scott Waters on stage. 'Into the Abyss' sounds so good here. 'Beheaded' is quite sobering. New song, 'Once Dead' featured. Cool to list the discographies of each band member. For me, the most important part of the video is the 14 minute interview. The original members sans Roger Martinez give their behalf why VR dissolved originally. But to this day, they feel it's a mystery why Roger holds a grudge. All of which was well documented in HM mag.
#2White Throne
#3Mulligan's Stew
#4Receive Him
#5Can't Get Out
#6Frontal Lobotomy
#7Fatal Delay
#8Into the Abyss
#9He is God
#13Human Sacrifice
#14BONUS: Once Dead [new song]
#15BONUS: Interview
#16BONUS: Photo Gallery
#17BONUS: Credits
#18BONUS: Blink [Ultimatum live]
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