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Drama of the Ages by Jacob's Dream

New album for 2005 featuring new vocalist Chaz Bond (formerly of Biogenesis).


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Aug 8, 2014 10:39:41 PM
Yet another overall strong album from JD. This album marks the entrance of the new vocalist Chaz Bond (previously with Biogenesis). Perhaps one of the greatest Christian vocalist in metal. He sounds much different here. This album also marks less of a Queensryche (Geoff Tate) influence. It's still there but much less apparent. Now I'm hearing more of a Saviour Machine (Eric Clayton) influence. Though in the last few songs, he takes on an Iron Maiden (Bruce Dickinson) sound. Trust me it all works together for good.

Track 6 is EPIC strong metal. It is difficult for me not to use the 'E' word when describing their songs or albums.
Track 9 is about the transformation of Lucifier into satan.
Track 10 "Let it Go" chorus is about forgiveness.
Track 12 a dramatization of an epic battle.
#1Drama Of The Ages
#2Keeper Of The Crown
#3Spinning Leaf
#4Stand Or Fall
#6Third Way
#7Forever Winter
#8Drowning Man
#9Deceiver Of The Nations
#10Cutting Words
#12At The Gates
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