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Knowledge & Innocence by Terry Scott Taylor

This was Terry's first solo album, and it has a lot in common musically with Fearful Symmetry - also released in 1986. This album is quirky in its own way, and the little snippets from Old Time Gospel Camp Meeting Hour and Home Movies are interesting cohesive pieces that help glue the album together.


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#1Dancing On Light
#2(out of) The Wild Wood
#4Here He Comes, Second Time
#5Picture of You
#6Song of Innocence
#7Old Time Gospel Camp Meeting Hour
#8Picture Of You (reprise)
#9Ever After
#10Home Movies (a. Christmas 1980) (b. Knowledge & Innocence)
#11One More Time
#12Baby's Heartbeat (6 Months)
#13Light Princess
#14Waiting (reprise)
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