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Acoustic Sketches by Phil Keaggy

"'Sketches' is the right word to describe this album. The songs each give insight into a different area of guitar playing, mixing classical, spanish, folk, blues, and rock influences. I'm occasionally reminded of Bruce Cockburn's acoustic instrumentals--perfectly mellow sounds that are great to relax to. If you haven't heard Phil yet, this would be a good place to start." -Phantom Tollbooth


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Aug 9, 2014 07:01:57 PM
For all that love listening to a master acoustic guitar player. 19 short instrumental diddies from the guy who has been guitaring since 1961. There is plenty of looping and tapping as seen in his video. Phil makes everything look effortless. Is that a tuba I hear in track 11?

DO NOT OPERATE ANY MOTORIZED VEHICLE WHILE LISTENING TO THIS. Don't even close your eyes unless lying in a supine or recumbent position, LOL. Very soothing!
#3Nellie's Tune
#4Passing Thought
#5The Marionette
#6Del's Bells
#7Looking Back
#9Spend My Life With You
#10Jam in the Pocket
#11Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
#12The 50th
#13Morning Snow
#14Spanish Fantasy
#15On Some Distant Shore
#17On Second Thought
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