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Reborn by Living Sacrifice

Solid State / Tooth & Nail release: TND1083-SS4
UPC: 026297108328

The first Living Sacrifice album without original vocalist DJ, and a deliberate shift in style away from pure death metal to more of a metalcore hybrid.

"The style of the album is more on the lines of Metal with Hardcore beats if you can catch my drift. There really isn't any other way that I could possibly explain it to you other than for you to just get the album and listen for yourself." -Dead ezine


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No Longer (4:46)

Fear get away from me
Doubt has no place in me
Seduction of death will go
Intermittent thoughts of past life
I do not know that man
Anymore nevermore
Weight has lifted,
is broken
That yoke destroyed
I've nothing more to do with it
Peace deep within I'm set free
I have become something else
My spirit breathes freely again
That yoke destroyed
I've nothing more to do with it
No longer tormented
No longer

Copyright 1997 Living Sacrifice

#1Reborn Empowered3:46
#2Truth Solution4:59
#6No Longer4:46
#7Something More3:38
#9Spirit Fall3:48
#10Presence of God3:43
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