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Reborn by Living Sacrifice

Solid State / Tooth & Nail release: TND1083-SS4
UPC: 026297108328

The first Living Sacrifice album without original vocalist DJ, and a deliberate shift in style away from pure death metal to more of a metalcore hybrid.

"The style of the album is more on the lines of Metal with Hardcore beats if you can catch my drift. There really isn't any other way that I could possibly explain it to you other than for you to just get the album and listen for yourself." -Dead ezine


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Reject (3:34)

I set my self up
I've no one to blame but my
Self pity is useless
I'll not entertain your sickness,
Half truths, deceit, forced in,
Not God, reject
Reject all lies
Rebuke take hold
Intrepid Spirit of God
Rebuke take hold
Authority of God
Reject all lies

Copyright 1997 Living Sacrifice

#1Reborn Empowered3:46
#2Truth Solution4:59
#6No Longer4:46
#7Something More3:38
#9Spirit Fall3:48
#10Presence of God3:43
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