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A Tribute to Gene Eugene by Adam Again

"Adam Again: A Tribute To Gene Eugene was recorded live at the Cornerstone Festival in July 2000. It was an opportunity for those closest to Gene to celebrate his music, friendship and the time he had with them and share it with his audience at the festival. Many of Christian modern rock's finest participated at the tribute show - The 77s, The Choir, Undercover, Adam Again, LSU and Over The Rhine - to cover many of Gene Eugene's favorite Adam Again songs. The concert was taped live before 6,000+ festival goers..." As a 2nd disc, this package "also includes the debut solo release from Adam Again's Greg Lawless. " -Diamante


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#2Welcome (Riki Michele)
#4Dance Around In Circles
#6Hide Away
#10Don't Cry
#11Hopeless, etc.
#12It Is What It Is
#15All You Lucky People
#16Mystery In Me
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