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Tough Love by Idle Cure


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Jul 31, 2014 09:37:44 PM
Underrated and largely ignored by many including myself. I'm feeling a bit deprived. For so long I purposely avoided any band, album or song I felt received too much airplay on CCM radio. I perceived this band as "too pop" for too long. Now I would say this album rocks harder than Petra or White Heart. But does not have nearly the Godly lyrics of either these peers. I'm really liking the edgey vocals. Loving the breakthrough guitar moments on the lesser known songs. I've heard many of these songs many times over the years but I've never listened to the album in it's entirely until now. Now to cure my idleness and listen to more IC.
Track 8 'Runnin' sounds like KISS. Track 9 'Draw the Line' does not sound like Aerosmith ;)
#1Just Believe It
#2Barter Mercy
#4So Many Faces
#5Hungry Hearts
#6One For the Money
#7How Long
#9Draw the Line
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