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Dale Thompson And The Religious Overtones by Dale Thompson

This second solo effort by Dale Thompson is much different from his first. He combined the talents of the region's most talented musicians to assist him this time. This recording, like his first, is a concept that shows one man's struggle through life. Many of the stories that are incorporated are from Dale's past. Using real horns, keyboards, and many other unusual instruments, Dale produced a very believable blues recording. This record is available in stores since it is being distributed by Rugged Records.


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#1Bombay Taxi Horn
#2The Motel
#3Thought I Met the Devil
#4Wringing His Hands
#6If God is Dead
#7St. Vitus Dance
#8Three Rusty Nails
#9I Could
#10Knob Creek Road
#11Ed's Barber Pole
#12Back the Road
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