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Bride Live! Volume 1 by Bride

This CD contains live-recorded songs from the albums
"Oddities" and "The Jesus Experience"! Band line-up:

Dale Thompson - Vocals
Troy Thompson - Guitars
Andrew Wilkinson - Bass
Steve Curtsinger - Bass
Jerry McBroom - Drums

Track 1-9 was recorded live at the Christmas
Rock Night Festival in Germany (1998).
Track 10-14 was performed live in
Brazil on the Brazil Tour (Fall, 1998).
Track 15-18 was recorded live at the King's Place
in Columbus, OH (November the 21st, in 1998).
And track 19 is from a Cornerstone-concert in 1997.


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Day By Day (4:13)

I'm sick; I've tried not to show it
I pray to God that no one has noticed

But I grow weaker day by day
My face is pale my hair turns gray
It's hard to find the joy I once knew
What has crawled into my bones?
Made me brittle, made me old

All of my dreams are about God
When I dream about God
When I dream its about God

Confusion is my enemy
Restore my soul of faith from reasoning

Jesus save me from obscurity
From the hour, the moment of grief

But I grow weaker day by day
My face is pale my hair turns gray
Hard to imagine the boy I once knew

Copyright 1999 Bride

#2I Ain't Coming Down2:36
#3If I Told You It Was the End Of The World4:21
#4The Worm4:48
#5I Found God4:49
#6Under The Blood4:49
#7Day By Day4:13
#8I Live For You3:32
#9Why Won't He Break4:10
#11No Drugs0:26
#12It's Only When I'm Left Alone4:08
#13He Never Changes0:08
#14I Love You3:05
#15Amazing Grace3:57
#16The Big Block Motor0:43
#17Jesus On The Mainline3:03
#18I Have Decided3:16
#19Dale's Sermon9:05
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