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Stand In Line by Impellitteri

The original album sleeve includes a statement of intent from Chris Impellitteri: "I promise my guitar playing will only get faster!".

Reissued in 1999 by Combat Records with the Impellitteri EP as bonus tracks preceeding the album.

Chris Impellitteri Guitars
Graham Bonnet Vocals
Philip Wolfe Keyboards
Pat Torpey Drums
Chuck Wright Bass


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Mar 16, 2014 11:28:49 PM
Graham Bonnet came to the Chris Imp Band with a long list of metal credentials. I enjoy his singing with Rainbow, MSG and Alcatrazz. Though a fully competent singer and frontman (for those that have seen the Powerstation video), he did not fit the role in this band. LOL, only a few could follow (or precede) Rob Rock. I do prefer his non-straining voice in track 5 & 6. Really enjoy the long jams in tracks 3 & 8. Chris' guitar playing is stellar as ever. Really like the sing-a-long song in track 2. There's a song that sticks. Graham sounds best with backing.
#1Stand In Line
#2Since You've Been Gone
#3Secret Lover
#4Somewhere Over The Rainbow
#5Tonight I Fly
#6White And Perfect
#8Goodnight And Goodbye
#9Playing with Fire (instrumental)2:40
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