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Kinetic Faith by Bride

"Kinetic Faith" was the beginning of a new era for Bride. It was an era of popularity and mild success. After working with producer Steve Griffith on the two new songs from "End Of The Age", it was decided that he would produce "Kinetic Faith" too. Bride was ready to record another album with a new sound and a more technically proficient lineup.

Dale Thompson - Vocals
Troy Thompson - Guitars
Rick Foley - Bass
Jerry McBroom - Drums

"Kinetic Faith" was recorded in a studio in Nashville called the Salt Mine. This is a studio where Amy Grant recorded her first few album with Brown Bannister. "Kinetic Faith" was a complete departure from the music heard on Bride's first three albums. It was more rock'n'roll sounding - with a twist. The project did not turn out like the band wanted it to because of disagreements with producer Steve Griffith. In the end, the finished product was good enough to put Bride in the mainstream of Christian Music and to win them a DOVE-award for the song "Everybody Knows My Name". All of a sudden, the metal band from the 80s had found a niche.

'Everybody Knows My Name' first appeared on "End of the Age" compilation, but with a different arrangement.


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Feb 15, 2014 09:47:41 PM
May 2, 2014 07:13:14 PM
Their first pretty dumb cover... after three awesome covers. The album is very good though
Nov 19, 2014 04:09:43 PM
Cheesy cover artwork, but good CD. This was their first album in the hard rock era, and it was a pretty good one in it's genre (must admit I missed the heavy metal from the 80's).

The standout song on this one is "Everybody knows my name", it really rocks. But I also liked songs such as "Young Love" and "Kiss The Train" which is a really cool up-tempo. I think the two next albums are better than this one, but "Kinetic Faith" is a must-have in any Bride fans' collection.

4 stars for this one. Decent album.
Sep 5, 2015 09:13:03 PM
Track Listings

Troubled Times (4:29)
Hired Gun (4:30)
Ever Fallen In Love (4:36)
Mountain (4:12)
Ski Mask (4:30)
Everybody Knows My Name (4:23)
Young Love (3:31)
Kiss the Train (3:57)
Crimes Against Humanity (4:05)
Sweet Louise (4:42)


Dale Thompson: Lead vocals, background vocals
Troy Thompson: Guitar, mandolin, acoustic guitar
Rick Foley: Bass
Jerry McBroom: Drums

Additional Musicians: Rob Johnson (acoustic & slide guitar on Sweet Louise), Steve Griffith (bgvs on Sweet Louise & Young Love)

Another band from my church youth group days. Most of my exposure to the band actually came from their follow up album to Kinetic Faith, Snakes in the Playground. However as I came to appreciate Bride's music, both in person at summer festivals like the now defunct Atlanta Fest and via CDs, I went back and started to listen to this album a little bit more. Early on several of the songs quickly became favorites, such as "Trouble Times", "Hired Gun" and "Everybody Knows my Name".

I've always enjoyed when the musicians give the listener some insight to what the song was written about, or what they were going through when the song was written. This album is one of rare instances where we get to know where Dale and his brother Troy were coming from when these songs were penned.

"Troubled Times"
This song addresses our nation and how we pull together in times of crisis. As wit the Iraq war, people who never pray feel the need to pray whenever trouble approaches. There is a sense of unity and brotherhood. However, in spite of the patriotism, there are still problems at home that we need to address such as the starving and homeless. The song starts with the renowned words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "I have a dream."

"Hired Gun"
This song is about an assassin who paints a picture with a realistic theme. The assassin always poses this question to his victims - "Hope you and Jesus have it all worked out." This is the same question that God will ask you when you stand before Him to give an account of your life.

"Ever Fallen in Love"
This song is an anthem for people in love. It is important in any relationship to develop good communication. If you love someone, you should never ne ashamed of them or afraid to tell them.

This song is about the story of the prodigal son, retold by my actual encounter with a girl who was on the rebound from the world. I had the opportunity to share my Christian experiences with her, hoping to shed some light on her misguided life.

"Ski Mask"
Everyone is born into sin and darkness. When you become a Christian, the dark side is replaced by the spirit of goodness. Ski Mask is about a man who was a criminal and possibly on his way to prison. He never found love until he decided to follow God.

"Everybody Knows My Name"
This song tells a story of a man who was born into the world with nothing, but managed to become wealthy and popular through playing music. In the end, however, he realized that all he had in his life was worthless without God.

"Young Love"
This song paints the picture of a girl who is alone after a summer of romance and is trying to overcome her feelings of pain. Lonely and sad, she turns to God for the pieces to put her life together again.

"Kiss the Train"
This is an anti-suicide song. One of the leading causes of teen death is suicide. There is always hope and love through God and there is no situation that is worth taking your life over. Things can be worked out.

"Crimes Against Humanity"
The idea for this song originated from World War II and the crimes that the Nazis committed. We are still guilty of crimes against humanity by neglecting our homeless and poor. We have put material items ahead of human life.

"Sweet Louise"
This song is dedicated to my grandmother who died of cancer some years ago. Her courage and beliefs were very inspiring and were the reason for this song.

I've heard some of Bride's earlier efforts and I'm not sure if it's the lower production values or just the sound they had in the 80's, but Kinetic Faith is the first album of theirs that I really enjoyed from beginning to end. There are still a few songs that I could do without, but overall I love the sound. Dale has some of the best pipes in the business. Troy is a wizard on guitar. I also love the topics they tackled on this album as it seems they were very appropriate for the time when this album was released.

This is a fairly easy CD to still find on the secondary market if you are looking for a good metal album to add to your music library. A quick search on eBay shows that the album on CD has sold for anywhere between $4 and $20. Pick this up if you like high energy metal with a Kentucky feel!

Review courtesy of Rugged Music

Young Love (3:30)

Roxanne Doesn't Think She's Pretty Enough
She Sits Staring Up At THe Sky
Dream About A Life That Could Be
She Throws Her Diary Into The Sea

It Becomes A Very Long Summer
The Careless Nights Of Fantasy Are Over
When You See Her She's White As A Ghost
She Misses The Sun On Her Face The Most

Young Love-Kiss Him Goodbye
Young Love-Don't You Cry
Young Love-It's No Lie
There Is Love Before The Day You Die

She Feels Her Life Has Fallen Apart
I Tried To Tell Her The World Has A Bulletproof Heart
Sometimes The Past Is Hard To Escape
When The Future Is Bent Out Of Shape

Roxanne Doesn't Think She Pretty Enough
She Sits Staring Up At THe Sky
She Wears Across Around Her Neck
Got The Words At Her Finger Tip
At The Church She Knelt To Pray
Sweet Lord Jesus Give Me The Strengh
She Cried His Name
She Cried His Name

Copyright 1991 Bride

#1Troubled Times4:28
#2Hired Gun4:29
#3Ever Fallen In Love4:35
#5Ski Mask4:30
#6Everybody Knows My Name4:23
#7Young Love3:30
#8Kiss The Train3:57
#9Crimes Against Humanity4:05
#10Sweet Louise4:42
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