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Drop by Bride

"Drop" was recorded by Bride for a new record label called Rugged Recored. Rugged had pursued Bride for several months and finally offered them a record deal they could not refuse. So, it was decided that Bride would record one album for them. The line-up for Bride had changed again after four years with the same members. Rick Foley left the band and was replaced by Steve Curtsinger.

Dale Thompson - Vocals
Troy Thompson - Guitars
Steve Curtsinger - Bass
Jerry McBroom - Drums

"Drop" was kind of an experimental album for Bride. They had complete artistic control of the contents. Many new ideas were tried and the musical style of the album was much different from any of the past. "Drop" is a much more percussive album with many different types of drums, shakers, etc. being used. There were even three songs that featured banjos and mandolins. All in all, the band felt that this was their best album ever. It represented more of what the members wanted to do and less record company politics. Unfortunatly the public preception of Bride was that they had become too contemporary and the record did not do as well as had hoped. The devoted and ethusiastic fans had spoken and in response Bride put away the banjos, mandolins, and conga's for their next project. In Rugged Records defense; Rugged was sent by God for a season as a partner to aid Bride in presenting the gospel differently than Bride had previously contributed to it. "Drop" would not have been possible if it had not been for the joint affiliation of Bride and Rugged Records.


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Aug 9, 2014 06:40:08 PM
Let's DROP the comparisons and enjoy this for what it is.

Instructions on how to be blessed by this album:

1) Find a place where loud music won't disturb others
2) Find a place that won't distract you
3) Find a place with enough room to move all extremities, especially the head
4) Put out of your mind anything negative you may have heard about this album or band
5) Close your eyes
6) Open your heart and soul
7) Try to appreciate what the artist(s) are trying to convey

The above steps apply to most music in the vault. Some will never need instructions.
Nov 19, 2014 04:31:52 PM
How convinient name for this album, cause this is where it kinda "dropped".

This album actually starts with one of my favorite Bride songs of this era, "Personal Saviour" is a great song with really good lyrics. The chorus is really catchy and I like the overall feel to it. Sadly, the album doesn't continue this way. I think most of the songs are dull and really not how I know Bride, but there are glimses of light in "Thrill A Minute" and "How Long". The song "I'm The Devil" is a really cool song, but it was another version of it on "Lost Reel I" called "I Am The Devil", which I thought was better. That was an epic song.

Other than that, this is not much to write home about unfortunately.

3 stars given.

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