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This Is It by Bride

This album returns Bride to its roots of groove-oriented
Hard Rock similar to that of "Snakes In The Playground".

Expanded version released in 2006 by Retroactive Records with these tracks from RAW:

14. Blow It All Away
15. Is This the Now
16. Bring Me Down
17. Burning Love


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Nov 19, 2014 04:42:16 PM
I remember when this was about to come out. Bride was about to get "back to their" roots of hard rock. And the really did. They kinda went 10 years back in sound, it is was really good. "Blow It All Away" was a song that really blew me away. I was so happy when this came out. Finally some real rock from Bride again! No weak songs on this one, just solid hard rock throughout the whole record. Bride was back!

4,5 stars for this excellent return.

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