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White Metal Warriors - Last Ship Home by VARIOUS

Edge Records release SSD 8208
UPC: 054438820822

Compilation of several British heavy metal bands. The only bands on this CD to make a name for themselves were Seventh Angel and Detritus. Maverick and Lazarus toiled in obscurity, and only recently have Stairway begun to achieve notoriety due to exposure on the Internet.

The 2 Seventh Angel tracks were from their "Heed the Warning" demo tape. The 2 Detritus tracks are from their Edge Records debut, "Perpetual Defiance".

Cover art by Rodney Matthews.

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Aug 8, 2014 11:20:36 PM
All UK bands

The best of two of England's best Christian thrash bands, Detritus and Seventh Angel.

The only place you will hear Maverick.
#1Heed the Warning - Seventh Angel
#2Anyboby There - Stairway
#3Do or Die - Lazarus
#4Subliminal Division - Detritus
#5Sweet Release - Maverick
#6Seven Angels - Seventh Angel
#7Walk Away - Stairway
#8Overpower - Lazarus
#9Taste the Blood - Detritus
#10You'll Shine - Maverick
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