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Mortification (Gnarly Cover) by Mortification

Released in 1991 on Intense Records. This version has the orignial artowrk that Jayson Sherlock did. This artwork was later banned from Christian stores.


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Break The Curse ()

Words & Music: Steve Rowe

Eternal love, hope in life, satisfaction, peace of mind
Do you feel these things inside
Or lost your life's denied
Christ has come to heal your mind
To win and be revived

You run from God, you smashed the gift
Thrown from glory, it's your own will

Christ has come to heal your mind
So choose to be supplied
With life in glory here on earth
Eternity break the curse

Running from Christ don't do it
See the light run to it

Cross over or you will die
Run from darkness come tonight

Break the curse, that's in your life
From daze of fear, to shrine of light
Feel it break down deep inside
Your soul has come alive
Expelling demons brand new birth
Eternity break the curse

(1. John 3:8, Hebrews 11:1+2, Psalm 14:1, Mark 5:15, Luke 9:23, Luke 11:9-13, Mark 8:34, Joshua 24:14-16)

Copyright 1991 Mortification

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