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Mortification (Gnarly Cover) by Mortification

Released in 1991 on Intense Records. This version has the orignial artowrk that Jayson Sherlock did. This artwork was later banned from Christian stores.


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Brutal Warfare ()

Words: Steve Rowe
Music: Jayson Sherlock, Steve Rowe

Demon Forces
They must bow
Saints of God arise
And kill deprivation
Evil bondage
Will not claim the church of Christ

Brutal warfare
Brutal warfare

Pain and torment
Cast from below
Stand strong with God's armour on
Inflicted with hate
Spiritual war
Christ's the victor know this well

Put on the full armour of God
Stand against the devil
We are not fighting men
But evil forces of a dark age

Rotting minds
Avenge yourselves
Submit to God outwitting Hell
Intense offense
Awesome victory
Bludgeon to death bondages

Belt of truth around waist
Righteousness your breastplate
Gospel of peace on your feet
The shield of faith and sword of God

(Ephesians 6:10-18, Mark 16:17, Romans 8:13)

Copyright 1991 Mortification

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