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From Darkness to Light by Narnia

Line up:

Christian Liljegren – Vocals
CJ Grimmark – Guitar & backing vocals
Andreas Johansson – Drums
Martin Härenstam – Keyboards
Jonatan Samuelsson – Bass & backing vocals

Track list:
1. A Crack in The sky
2. You Are The Air That I Breathe
3. Has The River Run Dry
4. The Armor of God
6. The War That Tore The Land
7. Sail On
8. I Will Follow
9. From Darkness to Light (part 1)
10. From Darkness To Light (part 2)


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The Warhead

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Jul 28, 2019 08:50:01 AM
Majestic Christian Metal with "Power from the sky" (some will get that)... Continuing on with their 2nd studio album since reforming in 2016, this album is such a TREASURE! Every aspect , from the cover artwork , to the message , to the songs themselves finds the band in top form. Often times I hear arguments about "What IS a Christian band?" . Listen to THIS! Get out the pep-pills and keep a feeding tube handy if you hear ANYONE say "Are they Christians?" after hearing this epic. EXTREMELY catchy , with supremely edifying lyrics (to God and for man) , this is standing squarely on the throne for album of the year. The band stated they were going to up the keyboard element and they have tastefully done so. Perhaps a bit like Harmony with less of a progressive influence. If YOU are a Christian and like metal , I can't possibly imagine not liking this . I would have to say this is their most diverse record to date , played as a band with NOTHING to prove. From the worshipful "The War That Tore the Land" thru the "Skillet-Shaming" "You Are The Air That I Breathe", to this monumental ,epics like "MNFST" ,"Has The River Run Dry" , "Sail On" and " I Will Follow" this album just hits it OUT OF THE PARK!!! I could go on and on,but ......................................................................................................... I think I will................................. CJ Grimmark is absolutely one of my favorite guitarists and like a gunslinger whose reputation proceeds before him , only needing to TOUCH his gun to grab attention, his presence runs throughout this disc. From the acoustic guitar in "From Darkness To Light" to the trademark riffing on "Sail On" (among others) , he demonstrates his mastery at every turn. Even cutting loose on the radio friendly (!!) "You Are The Air That I Breathe" , the guy is a FORCE!! Christian is THE voice of Narnia (although I needed CPR after hearing "The Course Of A Generation") and he too is in top form. The LYRICS are SO encouraging and the cover art really answers the question "I wonder what they sing about?" !! Other top moments (for me) last about 45:50....... (seriously). But I will add that the keys add a nice dimension , the rhythm section is impeccable and moments like the ending of "Sail On" , with its keyboard line ala Harmony and the drums getting beat to HELL have me repeating and repeating its play. The Japanese version comes with a bonus disc of the entire "We Still Believe" live album , which is an amazing bonus. I have lost literally much of my friends and family and the message and music for a lifelong metal guy is IRREPLACEABLE! God in His providence allowed me to get an advance on my band autographed copy at the same time as I make my trek to the hospital every day hoping that my dear Dad will stay on this side of eternity for a while longer. All respect to Andreas , but you may have sold your "Yahoo" stock well before its time.
Aug 1, 2019 06:17:34 AM
^ Yeah, what he said ^

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