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Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion by Balance of Power

This is the bands third album and an excellent one it is too, with impressive melodies and big hooky choruses. Highly technical guitar playing but not self indulgent. Lots of impressive harmony guitars, played along with a great sounding acoustic segments. Excellent keyboard arrangements which help to make this album very dramatic. The arrangement overall on this album is excellent and makes it a must for your CD collection.


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About To Burn ()

Why am I taking all your time
All I want is what was mine
Am I talking to your inner feelings
Time didn't conjure up a cure
Is there anybody more
I can't turn away forever

Who's to lose who's to win
It's all about the state you're in
Who's to know

It's all about to burn wind has changed the fire has turned
It's all about to burn just like it never started
It's all about to burn take away my better days because
It's all about to burn

Nothing's for nothing so I've heard
There's a reason this occurred
I'm not talking 'bout your superstition
Easy or not the time has come
Face the new or turn and run
I'm not llable for your condition

Copyright 1999 Balance of Power

#1Day Breaker
#2Prisoner Of Pride
#3Savage Tears
#4Under The Spell
#5Blind Man
#6About To Burn
#7Under Innocence Wing
#8Sins Of The World
#9The Darker Side
#10Ten More Tales Of Grand Illusion
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