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Songs for the Ritually Abused by Randy Rose/Rose/Mothership

Randy is back, with an excellent crowd-funded release. Very diverse release. He says:


This will be the Sixth studio album from Rose, I'm very excited to announce this new record - Songs For The Ritually Abused - this record will be the hardest hitting record I have ever worked on musically - and lyrically, be for warned - this is not for the faint of heart- this record will take a hard honest look at satanic ritual abuse, and the trauma associated with recovery from what evil naturally does, I will hold nothing back on this record, musically and lyrically - If your a fan of Queens Of The Stone Age, and Black Sabbath, and heavy "stoner rock" you will love this record, on the other hand - if you hate heavy music, but want to reach out to the un heard silent victims of ritual abuse you will be doing this by supporting this record, this record will sonically be incredible, I have some wonderful guest musicians that will be playing on this record, and this record will be mastered by Gavin Lurssen, who has worked on Queens Of The Stone Age, Iggy Pop ( post depression ) The Foo Fighters, and The Man in Black himself Johnny Cash


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#1The Tortured Girl/Bye Bye Hands/Songs for the Ritually Abused8:34
#2Keep You Two Myself5:44
#4The Whispering Whales4:15
#5Hellan and the Illustrator4:26
#7The Girl7:01
#9Hell's Locked From The Inside4:30
#10When Will I Be Loved5:27
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