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Eighty Eight by 77s


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You Don't Scare Me ()

If I'm walking in the dark
You don't scare me
Killer chasing me thru the park
You don't scare me
I could ride on a plane
Losing all its engines
Heading straight down the drain
I don't care, I don't care
I don't care, I don't care
Cuz I know, no you don't
You don't scare me

Go for a drive and hit a rock
You don't scare me
Lightning bolt give me a lethal shock
You don't scare me
I could fall down the stairs
Or get stabbed at the fair
I swallow meat that's too rare
I won't fear, I won't fear
I won't fear, I won't fear
Cuz I know, that you don't
You don't scare

Why should I go the wrong way
Down a one way street
Against the lights
Against the heat
When in one moment you could
Turn my up-to-date to obsolete
And your indiscreet
And you don't repeat
And you're beat beat beat
You're so beat

Yea though I walk
Through the valley
Of your shadow so near
I will fear no man
I will fear no woman
I will fear no pain
I will fear no thing
Cuz you don't
No you don't scare me

I'm gonna show you a mystery
You'll be swallowed in victory
Where's your stinger
Where's your sting

Copyright 1991 77s

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