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Doppelganger (Deluxe Edition) by Daniel Amos

The classic Volume II of the Alarma Chronicles!

Two-Disc Collector's Edition of Doppelganger by Daniel Amos. Disc one presents the album as you remember it, with remastered sonic clarity you may not have experienced before. Disc two gives you era-adjacent live versions, demos, and DA-oriented ephemera, letting the listener into the process of how this remarkable album was made and how it was received. Both discs have been remastered by the best in the business - J Powell at Steinhaus who carefully accentuates the original magic of this classic release. Comes in a 6-Panel Digipak with a 24-page booklet.

EIN - CD One:

1. Hollow Man (Taylor)
2. Mall (All Over The World) (Taylor)
3. Real Girls (Taylor/Chamberlain)
4. New Car! (Taylor)
5. Do Big Boys Cry (Taylor)
6. Youth With A Machine (Taylor)
7. The Double (Taylor)
8. Distance and Direction (Taylor)
9. Memory Lane (Taylor)
10. Angels Tuck You In (Taylor)
11. Little Crosses (Chamberlain)
12. Autographs for the Sick (Words by Taylor,

Music by Taylor/Chamberlain/Chandler)
13. I Didn't Build It For Me (Words by Taylor,

Music by Taylor/Chamberlain)
14. Here I Am (Taylor)
15. Hollow Man (Reprise) (Taylor)

ZWEI - CD Two:

1. Hollow Man [Alternate]
2. Mall (All Over the World) [Alternate]
3. Concert Intro
4. Real Girls [Live]
5. New Car! [Live]
6. Do Big Boys Cry [Instrumental]
7. Youth with a Machine [Toy Mix]
8. The Double [Extended Rough]
9. Distance and Direction [Alternate]
10. Distance and Direction [Vocal Mix]
11. Memory Lane [Live]
12. Angels Tuck You In [Rough]
13. Little Crosses [Fragment]
14. Autographs for the Sick [Alternate]
15. I Didn’t Build It For Me [Alternate]
16. Here I Am [Instrumental]
17. Hollow Man (Reprise) [Alternate]

The Alarma! Chronicles Volume Two
Originally released in 1983 Alarma! Records and Tapes
This edition was released in Sept. 2014 on Stunt Records.

Produced By Terry Scott Taylor & Jerry Chamberlain for Rebel Base Productions


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