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Love You To Death by One Bad Pig


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Love You To Death (2:48)

Once were close, walking in the way
Disillusioned, you would not pray
Faith grew colder by the day
You stopped believing and fell away
You scream, "Get outta my face!"

But I'm gonna love (love) love (love) love (love) love you to death
I'm gonna love (love) love (love) love (love) love you to death

You hear me talking, say "You must be high!
Believing something so old and day
Manipulation - just pie in the sky
Truth? An obsolete lie!"
But I'm gonna love you 'til the day I die

I said "You don't really love me"
He said "You can believe it's true"
I said "How much do you love me?"
He said "Child, just watch what I do"

And the cry "It is finished" in forever was etched
And His cry filled the sky like death fills a tomb
And His chin struck His chest with arms outstretched
And His love shook the planet . . . like a sonic boom!

Copyright 2016 One Bad Pig

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