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Dont Wait For the Movie VIDEO by White Heart


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Jun 14, 2014 09:29:28 PM
64 minutes professionally shot of the band performing at Calvin College on January 17, 1987. Cool stage but not over the top. Each band member gets a huge movie reel to stand on that fits perfectly into the theme of the album title. Band members talk between songs through video monitors in the editing booth, again befitting the theme of the album title.

The set list closely follows the album. For an interesting side note, I have never seen the set list written with a sharpie on a drum head before. Actually pretty smart if you think about it.

I have just recently watched a Petra video. Many similarities can be made of these two bands and videos that came out within a year of each other. I have chosen to make this review a comparison and contrast of these two great arena rock bands.

By 1987, White Heart had re-invented themselves with an edgier and more refined sound compared to the campy three previous releases. They will always hold a special place in my heart for taking a near deadly blow from the enemy and bouncing back stronger and more spiritually effective than ever. Both bands had a huge heart for ministry. Both were very REAL especially during their heyday.

Both bands are known for great harmonizing but I see the nod going to Petra. White Heart harmonized very well in the first couple of songs on this vid but Petra is known for more harmonies. Petra also gets the nod for being higher energy, Whiteheart is more relaxed and refined with a more coordinated choreography. Both bands are keyboard heavy, again White Heart keyboards are more refined.
The nod definitely goes to White Cross being sharper dressed, a real class act in every regard. I see White Heart more groove oriented, God made 'Convertibles' rocks! Dr Jeckyl and Mr Christian' is very clever. White Heart also have cool drum and guitar solos. Even a drum and bass duet. White Heart several more songs that are mellow. They do mellow very well. Both bands have a diverse age difference in their band.

To pick one band over the other I cannot. I only wish I could have seen them billed together back in the mid-late 80's.

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