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Mystery Highway by Phil Keaggy

A release together with long time friend and colleague Randy Stonehill.

1 Who's Your Driver?
2 Backwards On Her Bike
3 Rockin' In A Hard Place
4 Sunday's Child
5 Rockman
6 Picture Postcard Perfect Day
7 We'll Meet Again
8 Mystery Highway
9 Soul Girl
10 Love Is Not The Only Thing
11 Irresistable Future
12 Dreamspeak


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oldschooldoom CRfreak

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Aug 9, 2014 05:34:40 PM
Two old friends collaborating again. This time for fun and funny songs. All upbeat and catchy ranging from white rap to hard rock to rockabilly to Beatlesque. All done very well. The title track is a bluesy song about the journey to heaven. The last track sounds like something CREAM would have done.

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