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Live Blow the House Down (VHS) by One Bad Pig


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Mar 13, 2015 10:40:07 PM
Not my cup-o-tea but I will say this is well videographed. High energy punk comedy ministry act featuring: skateboarding on stage, hog (Harley), hair cutting, constructing a huge ice cream sundae and a guitar smashfest with special guests: Michael Bloodgood, Scott Wenzel, Les Carlsen and DVP. Watch this video for this alone, the rest is bonus. Band interviews between songs. I barely recognize their version of 'Judas Kiss'. I've never seen a lead singer lying down on stage so much. Recorded at Cornerstone 1990.
#1Take A Look At Yourself
#2Hey Punk
#3Smash The Guitar
#4I Scream Sunday
#5Red River
#6Judas Kiss
#7Cut Your Hair
#8Bowl Of Wrath
#9Isaiah 6
#10Let's Be Frank
#12Ice Cream Sundae
#13Looney Tune
#14Never Forget The Cross
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