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Flowers in the Rain by Mad at the World

Frontline release: CD9031
UPC: 084418903122

Roger Rose: Vocals, keyboards, guitars and drum programming
Randy Rose: Vocals, drum programming, and electric bass on "No Mistakes"
Mike Pendleton: Keyboards and electric guitar on "I Don't Wanna Go There"
Ray Rose: Acoustic guitar and electric bass on "I Don't Wanna Go There"


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Love Light In The Midnight ()

How can evil control our sinful appetites?
Look at all of the souls in shipwrecked ocean night
I’m trying to make thru a world-unholy
The valley of death has a shadow to bear
Inside of my heart there is a fire that only
You have created & you have put there

Sometimes I loose sight of your light in the night
Come on help me do right & fight this holy fight
I’m frozen in ice, I feel Your heat so hallowed
Stretching your hand to me A candle of love
Leading me on the path I want to follow
Straight thru this emptiness to heaven above

Love light in the midnight

Say a prayer in the name of Jesus Christ today
Let’s get down on our face & plead God’s Holy Grace
Cause the eyes that are blinded by the world’s desire
These are the eyes that have to open & see
The midnight inside ourselves will live forever
Until we Jesus crucified on that tree
& He died for you and me


Copyright 1988 Mad at the World

#1Fearfully & Wonderfully
#2Flowers In The Rain
#4Puppet Strings
#5No Mistakes
#7I Don't Wanna Go There
#8Faith Is A Perfect Road
#9In My Dream
#10Love Light In The Midnight
#11This Lie
#12Dancing On Your Grave
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