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Flowers in the Rain by Mad at the World

Frontline release: CD9031
UPC: 084418903122

Roger Rose: Vocals, keyboards, guitars and drum programming
Randy Rose: Vocals, drum programming, and electric bass on "No Mistakes"
Mike Pendleton: Keyboards and electric guitar on "I Don't Wanna Go There"
Ray Rose: Acoustic guitar and electric bass on "I Don't Wanna Go There"


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Fearfully & Wonderfully ()

I know so many beautiful people
Truly beautiful people but they feel like nothing
They don't feel like anything at all
But that's the message on the t.v. the movies & billboards
Hang your head in shame if you don't look like a Ken
Or a Barbie Doll.

Some say true beauty's
Not seen with our eyes
Look to the heart where the real beauty lies.

Fearfully and wonderfully
You've created perfectly
But we always want to be
Somebody else other than ourselves

Fearfully and wonderfully
God created you & me,
Exactly what He wants us to see
But for a certain kind
We hang no welcoming sign

& the older generation
Has a different contemplation
Look how old that
I've become, & somewhere
Someone told me that was wrong

& the world defines perfection
In the health & beauty section
Of a magazine where colored lights & make-up
Could make any girl look like a queen


Copyright 1988 Mad at the World

#1Fearfully & Wonderfully
#2Flowers In The Rain
#4Puppet Strings
#5No Mistakes
#7I Don't Wanna Go There
#8Faith Is A Perfect Road
#9In My Dream
#10Love Light In The Midnight
#11This Lie
#12Dancing On Your Grave
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