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Let It Go by Galactic Cowboys

Metal Blade release: 3984-14299-2
UPC: 039841429923


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T.I.M. ()

Hey! Could ya help, Jenny J.?
Gotta problem at home
And I don't really know what to do.

Oh! The kid's outta control
And the ring in the nose
And the terrible clothes gotta go.

And he won't listen to me
Is he just to blind to see?

See! That he's angry with me
And he doesn't feel love
As I give him the shove out the door.

And his problem is with me
Am I just to blind to see?

And it's what you need
Total Inside Makeover

Hey! Could ya help, Sally J.?
Would ya look at his hair
And the far-away stare in his eyes?

And I just don't understand
Is my head stuck in the sand?

Copyright 2000 Galactic Cowboys

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