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Answer to the Master by Impellitteri

All music by Chris Impellitteri
All lyrics by Rob Rock; 4, 6, 9 by Rob Rock/Chris Impellitteri


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Mar 16, 2014 11:30:58 PM
Great Christian lyrics in the title track. I have heard 'Warriors' so many times yet it still sounds fresh and very cool when set to RR's voice. I'm always blown away by Chris' phenomenal playing, love how he brings the neo-classical that puts him in the ranks with Malmsteen.

Hungry Days ()

I was a young boy when I heard the music call
staring at the concert stage my spirit craved it all
blinded by the spotlight, seduction rules the game
sold my soul to rock and roll,
there's no one else to blame

I still feel the power
I still feel it knocking at my door

hungry days
I remember hungry days

now I'm a young man I see a different light
shining down upon me, there's no fear, no end in sight
music is the magic and money is the slave
standing on the solid rock now
nothing seems the same

I still feel the power
I still hear it knocking at my door

hungry days!
I still remember hungry days
searching for my only fantasy
hungry days, oh, remember hungry days
time forever slips away

Copyright 1994 Impellitteri

#1The Future Is Black
#2Fly Away
#4I'll Wait
#5Hold The Line
#6Something's Wrong With The World Today
#7Answer To The Master
#8Hungry Days
#9The King Is Rising
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