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Miracle Mile by Guardian

Pakaderm / Word release: 7012517263
UPC: 080688238025

Joint release between Pakaderm & Word. According to the band (as told in the "As Seen On TV" VHS), this is a pseudo-concept album about a travelling medicine show based around the Dr. Jones character as depicted in the first song. However, because the songs aren't directly tied together, it ends up coming off more like "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" as a concept album that wasn't. There is some hidden material after "Do You Know What Love Is" that includes Jamie doing some kind of vocal exercises, some polka (complete with accordian), and a short ditty at the end sung in a funny voice. Guardian always had a sense of humor, and this just highlights that.

A video was filmed for "Shoeshine Johnny".

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