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Prepare to Meet God by Apostle

Lifeforce Records


Produced by Matt Harding
John Key & Matt Harding - Engineers
All songs written by Matt Harding except Resurrection Dance (written by Apostle)
All songs arranged by Matt Harding and David McKee
Recorded and mixed at Recover Recording Studio in Jacksonville, Florida
Band Photo by Tom Markham
Special thanks to: Gelnn Kaiser, David Spires, Tim Brown, Mark Borrero (bass guitar on Beatitude and Burn it Up), Jerry Mehm (drums on Beatitude and Burn it Up), Tim Lawhorn and Kyle Scott (keyboards).
Very special thank to David Benson, Bangin' Records & Distribution.
Jesus Christ is Lord


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Apr 22, 2014 09:36:40 AM
Straight up classic metal. Voice sounds a little edgier. All songs bless, Godly lyric writing.
Track 2-the church organ is back. This song of the beatitudes has a doom feel.
Matt's guitar playing is excellent throughout and showcased in tracks 4 and 9.
Aug 10, 2014 06:10:27 PM
I believe this was put out after they disbanded.
#1Six Hundred Sixty Six
#3Resurrection Dance
#6Alpha And Omega
#7In The New Love
#9Burn It Up
has lyrics

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