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Collectors Sedition (Director's Cut) by Kerry Livgren

The original Collector's Sedition was a collection of demos and unreleased songs that Kerry Livgren had originally written and intended for Kansas. This new version of the music has been (almost entirely) re-recorded in 2007, retaining only the individual vocal or guitar performances that Livgren thought should not be replaced. Much more attention has been given to detail, performance, and audio quality. Wherever possible, any sequenced tracks, commonly used in demos, have been replaced by live performing musicians. As a Director's Cut, the CD now falls in line with the vision it's author intended. The result is a vastly superior recording and performance, which Kerry Livgren now ranks as one of his favorite solo efforts.


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#1 Am Juengsten Tage
#2On the Air
#3The Sentinel
#5The Navigator
#6No More Time For Love
#7Safe Alone
#8Cold Gray Morning
#9As It Should Be
#10Red Money
#11At Every Turn
#12The Man With An Iron Heart
#13The Dragon
#14So Ends The Show
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