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Label - starting with S Website
Sally Forth Records
Salt Music
Sancrosanct Records
Sanctus Gladius Records
Sandy Pattie Records
Sarabellum Records
Science Records
Screaming Giant Records
Secretly Canadian
Selectric Records
Self released
SewerSound Records
Shattered Chain Records
Shattered Chain Records/Metal Pulse Production
Shigionoth Records
Shogun Sounds
Side One Dummy Records
Silent Music Records
Silent Planet Records
Silent Uproar Records
Silvertone Records
Skaught Productions
SkyBurnsBlack Records
Slain Records
Solid Rock Records
Solid State Records
Solitude Productions
Son of Man Records
Son Rise Music
Son Sessions
Sony BMG
Soul Joy Records
Soulscape Records
Sounds Familyre
Southern Lord
Sovereign Productions
Spaceport Records
Spark Music
Sparrow Communications
Spartan Records
Spinefarm Records
Spitfire Records
Spring Hill
SPV / Steamhammer Records
Squid Records
Squint Records
SRE Records
Standby Records
Standfast Records
Star Song
Steadfast Records
Steel Legacy Records
Steel Roots Records
Stiff Arm Records
Stillborn Records
Stinky Music
Stone Groove Records
StormSpell Records
Strawberry Records
Street Level Records
Strike First Records
Structure Records
Stunt Records
Sub City Records
Sublime Records
Suicide Squeeze
Sullen Records
Sumerian Records
Surprise Attack Records
Survivor Records
Svalbard Records
Swirle Records
Syntax Records
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