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Elohim Productions

From their website:

About Elohim Productions
Elohim Productions is a small label located somewhere in Sweden. The label is run by its owner Elias and its artists. Our work focus on music related projects with a variety of different artistic expressions. We strive to achieve and build a good, humble, respectable and faithful relationship with every artist, band or visionary who wants to work with us. We strongly believe in a "DIY" ethic and workmanship and we do our best to achieve that as much as we can. If there's creativity, fun, enjoyment, love, hope, faith, respect, hard-working people and good work ethic, we will be there and we’ll be aiming for the future. Dear visitor, thank you for reading to this point and we hope you'll enjoy something of what we offer when it comes to music.

Sincerely, we at Elohim Productions Sweden.

Year Title Rating Views
2018 Xaitopia > In the Depth of Tears 195
2017 Xaitopia > DEMO 2017 160
2017 Xaitopia > Repent EP 176

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